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Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio is a podcast hosted by Miguel Conner that covers a range of topics related to Gnosticism, alternative spirituality, mythology, and the occult. The podcast features interviews with experts in these fields as well as discussion of philosophical and theological concepts. Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio has been broadcasting since 2006 and has a large and dedicated fan base. The podcast is available for free on the Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio website and on various podcast platforms. The podcast explores the ancient Gnostic teachings and how they can be applied to contemporary spirituality and personal growth. Episodes of the podcast typically run between 1-2 hours and are released once a week. There are currently over 400 episodes available to listen to. Guests on the show include scholars, writers, philosophers, and practitioners of alternative spirituality. Some notable guests include prominent esoteric wtiters Graham Hancock, April DeConick, and Richard Smoley. In addition to interviews, the podcast also features roundtable discussions, book reviews, and Q&A sessions. Miguel Conner, the host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, is a scholar of Gnosticism and has written several books on the subject. The podcast has been praised for its in-depth discussions of complex spiritual topics and is often recommended to listeners interested in exploring alternative spiritualities beyond mainstream religions.

There are many episodes of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio that delve into Gnosticism and related spiritual topics from a variety of angles, but some examples include The Origins of Gnosticism, Narcissism & Psychopathy, Taoism and Hermeticism, and Gnosticism, Consciousness, and Quantum Physics. One of my personal favorites is Conner’s special holiday episode from 2021, The Intros Greatest Hits. The episode actually works well as a mystical yet informational crash course into gnosticism and I highly recommend watching the video version if you are new to the subject matter or want to experience a nice recap of gnostic ideas. Miguel claims that some people might have found the show introductions to be too unconventional or strange. Conner has a distinct style that can be seen as eccentric by some, which may not appeal to everyone. On the other hand, Conner claims that his intros are his way expressing his own gnosis and sort of a gnostic sermon to the world and fellow truth-seekers. Many fans of the podcast appreciate the unique and creative approach that Conner takes in introducing and framing each episode. He often incorporates elements of storytelling, humor, pop culture, and personal anecdotes into his introductions, which can add to the overall richness of the listening experience.

And while it is common for any media or content creator to receive criticism or negative comments, especially in today’s media landscape where opinions can be easily shared and amplified on social media and other platforms, it’s worth noting that Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio has a dedicated fanbase and has been praised by many for its unique approach to exploring spirituality and Gnosticism. It’s also worth noting that Miguel Conner has shared his own experiences with criticism and negative feedback on the podcast, and has used these experiences as opportunities for growth and learning. He has encouraged listeners to engage in constructive criticism and to remember to approach discussions with openness and respect.

Overall, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio provides an in-depth exploration of Gnosticism and other alternative spiritualities. The podcast’s host, Miguel Conner, presents a unique and creative approach that appeals to many listeners. Despite receiving negative feedback or criticism, Conner has remained resilient and encouraged constructive discussions. With over 400 episodes available, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio is a valuable resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of ancient teachings and contemporary spirituality.

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